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I thought I had my life pretty clearly mapped out.

That is until I found my 21 year old self dropping out of a post-grad NASA internship to become a white water rafting guide in search of adventure.

I was looking for something off the beaten path. I was looking for a challenge.

I just couldn’t find what I was looking for. I decided to travel and see what the rest of the world had to offer. During that time, I found the gift that is my husband and we decided to pursue remote pioneer missions and ministry and began a training program based in Central America.

It was in remote mountains of Central America in 2014 that I hit a wall and officially entered a quarter-life crisis. And it wasn’t pretty. Those were some very dark days.

I knew there had to be more. I knew I was capable. But I just felt lost.

Enter Strengths-Finders 2.0 by Tom Rath

As a student of leadership studies and organizational theory in college, I had a pretty good grasp on personality assessments like Myer-Briggs (INTJ here!), DISC profiles and felt pretty self-aware. That’s why when my co-worker encouraged me to take another personality assessment, I declined.

But I eventually, I figured, “Eh, these things are fun, why not?”

My world turned upside down. It was the moment I realized that I had been in pursuit of identity and definition, not adventure. This assessment revealed the strengths that I was not fully operating in but was trying to force like square pegs in round holes, resulting in a sense of unfulfilled purpose, lost-ness and always looking for the next thing.

It was at this point, I knew I had to make a pivot. I need to do the scariest thing I’ve ever done. I needed to embrace my strengths.

So I started my business in 2015 and started doing what I do best: teaching, supporting and mentoring in the creative spaces online.

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The journey hasn’t been easy. But it’s been worth it. And I’ve done this thing DEBT-FREE making it feel plodding-ly slow at times. (We are Dave-Ramsey gazelles over here.)

But I lean hard into my values and I’ve gone a little slower than others. And that’s ok. I embrace these challenges because I love walking alongside people with impactful visions and Kingdom dreams on a similar journey to me as they identify their God-given strengths and discover how they can make an income online with what they’ve already been given and live a life that leaves more than a money trail but an actual legacy!

I believe that with strength, courage, and wisdom, it is absolutely possible for you to launch your legacy today, right where you are.

I’m rooting for you. If I can do this, you can do this.