Brittney Rossie

Spring 2019 WAITLIST



 You need a Web designer.

You’d really like a Business coach.

your brand…It just doesn’t feel like YOU.

And you’ve been thinking about doing a group program to help your online business take off.

And you can’t decide which to invest in first?

I hear you.

To to be honest, you’re still early in your business and trying to figure out your “zone-of-genius” and recover from shiny-object-syndrome. You’re just not *quite* ready to invest in a $4000 website, or a high- level coach and you know community is where it’s at but you are tired of Facebook group lurking to get the answers you need.


But what i you didn’t have to choose between them all?



Artboard 1 copy 61.png

That’s EXACTLY why I created Captivate & Convert

In this season of your business, you aren’t ready to outsource the management of your website, social media visuals or content creation AND YET you still need a stand-out brand.

One that captivates and converts consistently.

And here’s the cool part.
I’m going to show you how to do it all yourself at a fraction of the cost of working with a designer, coach, or content manager.