Custom Brand and squarespace site


Investing in your business with a custom designed site is a big deal.

This is a big investment. I get that. That's why I take on a very limited number of new clients every month. You and your brand deserve the utmost attention to detail and this allows for that and prompt communication with me. There's nothing worse than a designer that's gone MIA.

 I involve my clients intensively once their start date commences.  By using this model, and designing exclusively on Squarespace, most clients receive their site and branding packages in roughly 3-5 weeks once we've begun the buildout depending on the scope of the project.


What you get


  • Desktop and mobile website design, blog design, and e-commerce through Squarespace
  • Primary and alternative logo designs for social media, favicon, signature patterns, illustrations, type combos, and brand style guide
  • Access to Squarespace Platform Training
  • 3 Additional marketing items of your choice (flyer, social media images, media kit, etc.
  • MailChimp Newsletter Integration
  • (OPTIONAL) Content management is available on a case-by-case basis for an additional cost.
  • (OPTIONAL) Custom Email domain ( through GSuite

The Design Process



Initial Contact

  • Design Strategy Form Filled Out 
    • This first contact serves to help me determine if this is a project I would like to take on and is a good fit for my portfolio.
  • The Get-To-Know-Me Call
    • If the project looks like a good fit, we'll set up a 20 minute get-to-know-you call to see if we are good fit for each other (usually happens within 24-48 hours of receiving the contact form).
    • This is an important step. You are interviewing me as much as I am interviewing YOU! You want a designer that's enthusiastic about your brand. When they aren't, the brand suffers. 
    • We'll discuss expectations, goals and pricing.
  • Pricing
    • The scope of each project is different, therefore, I don’t put a sticker price on my services. However, I do have a “starting rate", but this can go up in price as the scope of the project increases. Pricing will be thoroughly discussed and agreed upon before I begin your project.

Deposit, Contracts & Homework

  •  Calendar Deposit
    • Once agreeing to move forward, the client pays the non-refundable calendar deposit to secure a project start date on my calendar.
  • Contracts
    • After the phone call, I will send a contract. My contract was reviewed by a lawyer.  A real one. It was designed to protect me, and more importantly… to protect you. This contract will outline everything you can expect from me during the project including (but not limited to) services to be delivered, terms & conditions, and pricing. It will also outline what I expect from you as a client.
  • Homework
    • Once the calendar deposit and contracts are received, the client will receive "Homework".
    • Client homework includes pre-start date instructions and comprehensive questionnaires for your brand, audience, and website and back-end system needs that are to be completed 1 week before the start date.

Pre-Start Date Homework

  • Moodboard Inspiration

    • This is everyone’s favorite step because we get to really explore who you are, what your goals are, and what your overall vibe is. By using Pinterest, the client homework prompts and my recon-decon-recon method, we’re going to discover your true aesthetic.

  • Clarity Phone Call
    • On your start date, we will have a 30-minute to 1-hour phone call will help me clarify your mood board choices and questionnaire answers to better create an identity that embodies your personality and style.

Project Development

  • Rough Drafts
    • I will create 3 primary logo concepts paired with custom color palettes for you to choose from. I will use this direction to establish your branding package. It’s at this time that you’ll get to talk about the rough drafts, likes & dislikes, and really drive home your unique perspective of your brand.
  • Communication
    • Because I book only a few clients at a time in order to give you and your brand as much undivided attention as possible, I expect you to be available for prompt communication and decision making during the weeks your project is in development. Not only will this make my life easier, it's exciting for you! Seeing your brand come together and getting to make decisions about it is fun when the process is quick and not drawn out.

Final Payment & Delivery

Your final branding package will be delivered to you via Google Drive after your final payment has been made (I accept PayPal, as well as payment installments). Here’s a basic list of what you can expect to receive from one of my branding packages:

  • Primary Logo
  • Sub-Marker (optional secondary logo)
  • Custom color palette
  • Typography selection
  • Custom patterns/textures
  • Social Media Icons
  • Social Platform banner design

Investment Starts at: $3000





+ Do I purchase the Squarespace site or do you?

Good question.

The cost of the Squarespace site is not included in the investment price. BUT by working with me, I can offer you 20% off the initial annual purchase thanks to my being a Squarespace Circle Member!

I will create the site and upon acceptance of your final payment, I will transfer it over to you for you to make the initial purchase. This allows you insert your billing information for yearly renewals and insures that I get paid.

I provide the design and custom Squarespace work. You pay for the site platform and domain hosting.

+ I'm on Wordpress. Do you do the migration of my site to Squarespace or do I?

Migration assistance is NOT included in my price. This price is determined based on certain variables.

+ What can you transfer from my Wordpress site?

Posts and their authors, Pages, Images, Comments, Attachments

Squarespace won't import other content, including: Content from plugins, Any style or CSS you applied to your WordPress site.

+ Do you assist with writing the copy for my site or do I do that?

I am NOT responsible for writing any content for your site. However, I am available to offer insights and consideration for your site as we develop it.

If you do not provide me with the copy requested for your site, I will use Lorem Ipsum as place holders for your content.

However, my preference is to hand you a completed site, out of the box, and ready to go.

+ Does your price include a domain and domain hosting?

That depends. If you don't have any site at all, then, yes, it does since a domain and hosting come with the Squarespace platform.

However, if you have a pre-existing domain and domain host with another company, the domain and hosting cannot be transferred TO Squarespace and needs to reside with your original host and point to the Squarespace site.

+ I don't like my domain host and want to move it elsewhere. Is that included if that's something I want to do?

It is NOT included in this service but it is an option that can be discussed for an additional price.