Brittney Rossie
Brittney Rossie

IT's Your Life,  Your Business & Your Legacy.

But it's my purpose to help you make it the best it can be.



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 1:1 Intensive Strengths-Based, Evergreen Niche Coaching

Getting started in business is like looking at a beautiful topographic map that represents a land filled with little treasures. You are excited by the thrill of discovery, adventure and let's be honest, the profits of hitting a gold mine.

But you don't know how to read a map and even if you did, where would you stake your little claim on the map?

You need a guide.

You need clarity on your start-up strategy. You have an idea of what what you want to do and where you want to go but you just aren't sure if that's really a good place to set up camp. It's like the gold rush of '49, everyone sees the same opportunity you see. Everyone else is already out there doing it and you don't know how to stand out. What if there isn't enough left over for you?


I'm here to tell you that there is room for your X on the map. 

There is room for you and your unique niche, because I am convinced that everyone has something unique to offer. Sometimes it just takes a little digging to uncover it.

Perhaps, you've even taken the Free Mark Your X strengths-based niche course to help you start uncovering those things but still feel a little stuck.


I get it.


Sometimes you just aren't convinced that your niche idea is a good fit until someone qualified AFFIRMS your idea. 

And once that happens, you put a big FAT X on where you want go and you are off hittin' the dusty entrepreneurial trail to set up your little business basecamp. 

It's all about getting that initial peace and confidence.

Having that confidence as you move forward is WORTH spending mental energy on because indecision shines through all the choices you make after deciding on your niche - branding, content, services, EVERYTHING.. 

Are you ready to nail down and KNOW YOUR NICHE so you can drive towards your business goals?

I want to see YOU succeed. Let's chat.



How This Works


1. You'll apply for a discovery session with me. Fill out the application to the best of your ability so we can make the most of our 20 minutes together.

2. We'll have a FREE 20 minute Get-To-Know-Me call. 

3. If we are a good fit for your business, we'll get you enrolled in the 1:1 Know Your Niche Intensive Program where we will further clarify 4 things: your niche, ideal client persona, the problem you solve, and the results and benefits you deliver!

With my degree in Leadership Studies, international organization startup experience, and natural insights we'll nail down your niche so you can get back to business!



What You Get


(2) 45-Minute 1:1 Recorded Sessions or (1) 90-Minute Intensive

1 Week of VIP Email Access for Accountability & Support

Additional worksheets, resources and materials based on your needs





BONUS: If you sign up for the intensive and decide within 48 hours after the intensive that you want the 3-Month support package, the price will be credited to the 3 month package



My Clients Get Results

Audra Coats-Hudson -

After working with Brittney, it turned out that I actually already knew my niche, but needed to get clear on my messaging. I also got some great ideas for opt-in offers and freebies that I can use for people. I then made some changes to my Facebook group strategy and launched it shortly after meeting with her!

I loved that she understood exactly where I was coming from. One of the most helpful questions she asked me was in regard to a client that didn’t move forward with me. She asked, “Was that person maybe just not your idea client?” That helped me to put things into perspective when I was feeling like I needed to change the copy on my site.

I would recommend Brittney to other entrepreneurs that I know! She’s very intuitive, and clearly has a heart to help people. She knows her stuff!!!

Audra Coats-Hudson

She Who Thirsts


I didn't really know Brittney or know anyone that has worked with her and I usually get my recommendations that way but after meeting with her, I was able to refine my audience and my offering! She had some great, pointed questions. I would recommend her to my friends who may be just starting out with their businesses. She’s great!

Hilary Foreman

HilaryForeman Testimonial Quote

What are you waiting for, Sister?

My clients get results and the reason they do is because I approach coaching from a very collaborative experience. Laying this foundation is essential and getting super clear on this piece is a totally relieving and wonderful thing.

Let's get some clarity on your niche, lady.


Your Legacy is waiting!

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