Adventure of Existence by any other name is…A Re-Launch

If you don't know what Adventure of Existence is, you are in the majority. It was my first blog, the one by which I learned many, many lessons about entrepreneurship, leadership, blogging, self-employment, systems, content management and social media. 

In short, it was my teacher. 

I started it in 2015 as a side hustle and as the birth of a bucket list dream (see My Big Why). I was working full time as an expat in Central America. I lived in a town that didn't offer much in the way of diversion and with no kids, no pets and limited electricity and internet simultaneously, I was looking for something to fill my down time with purpose. 

I got antsy. I didn't know what to do. I didn't want to waste my life on Netflix and Kindle. I was too poor. 

And then I found some gals who were teaching online and making a decent income. I thought to myself. These were my literal thoughts:

Pffftt. I could do that. I could write my content while the internet is down and find a way to load and schedule things while the internet is functioning that way when the internet goes down again, it's doing work for me.

(Can I get a witness? You know you thought it, too, be honest.)

My mind was already thinking through work-arounds and systems that would have to adapt to my circumstances. So I began consuming everything I saw from Regina, Mariah, Sarah, Taylor, Kali, Caressa, Lauren and so many other AWESOME gals. I ended up doing some successful webinars with a handful of them. What's incredible is almost ALL OF THEM are killing it a year later some with 6 figure incomes who started at the SAME EXACT TIME THAT I DID. 

So why aren't I making 6 figures?

Well, life happened. All of sudden my full time international job was subject to political instability, my family member was suddenly diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and it looked like I was needing to figure out where I was going to live temporarily state-side. 

Needless to say, the side hustle went on the back burner. 

BUT, I kept watching, learning, listening, whenever I could. As a result of the new life circumstances, and a little more education and experience under my belt I realized my niche could use some tweaking, and I invested in finding my OWN voice so that I would be less tempted to wash-rinse-repeat what other incredible gals and chaps were doing.

So I'm back. Life is somewhat stable again and I've decided to re-launch the heart of what was Adventure of Existence which was about encountering people in this life (adventure called existence) and as a result, not leaving the encounter unchanged. That means either of us. 

I'm a learner and I'm a teacher. It's a huge part of who I am which is why courses and coaching is a great fit. I had a lot of positive feedback on my main course BASECAMP but I'm taking the constructive feedback I got from it and making it even better, adding videos and making sure it's packed with TONS of value. I'll be releasing it in about a month. I've toned down my kitschy-campy aesthetic and upped my tools and systems.

I've also taken the 60+ page workbook and broken it down into a more manageable course and created a shorter e-workbook (30+ pages) that you can fill in right on the computer. It's called Mark Your X - Find Your Strengths-Based Evergreen Niche in 5 Days and it's totally free to enroll in.  

So I'm picking up right where I left off but also starting afresh and with a BANG!

Have you ever been knocked down in this journey? Who or what helped you get back up?  I look forward to re-connecting and continuing this crazy 'adventure of existence' with you.