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Your Life.  Your Business.  Your Legacy.

My Purpose.

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It takes Strength, Courage & Wisdom to build a legacy. 


Learn the exact tools I've used to land clients and run my two businesses to start building my legacy!  Snag my list NOW!



Hey Sister,   I'm Brittney.


you know you were made for more. you want your business to literally change your life and the lives of your clients. you want to stop being frustrated, over-worked, and direction-less. But what you are doing isn't working so far.

Guess what: you need to make a change, and you need to make a change now.

Lady, your life and your business are way too important for you not to.  

your business is meant to impact your community, your family, and most importantly, YOU!

Your business shouldn't be a place of epic overwhelm, analysis paralysis or fear; it's meant to empower you to do more!  

If you want to be more than just profitable and want to leave a legacy, you're my kind of lady.  It's time to step into that business and life of your dreams, and make that "someday" today.

Are you ready to step into the role of a CEO and build a business and legacy you can be proud of?





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Let's talk about that business and legacy of yours!

that's why you're here, right?  You want more from your Life & business, but you aren't exactly sure how to get there.


Maybe you're tired of chasing clients and discounting your programs to show them the INSANE value of your amazing program and want to work with go-getters, just like yourself.

Or maybe you just want to make the same amount of money but cut your hours in half so that you can spend your time supporting people and causes that you love.

Or maybe you want to create a hearty stream of passive income so that when your little is born next month you can afford to take a full 3 months off and be present

Or maybe you just want the simple life.  You want to pay off your debt, buy a cute cape cod in the country and work on your terms with clients who are life-giving and not soul-sucking.

Or maybe you just want to give your husband more options so that he can pursue his passion project.



You are in the right place, lady.

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I can help. 

It's hard to know sometimes what to pay for, what to do yourself, and what to outsource to someone else's expertise. 

And there's no clear cut formula. You and your business are unique. 

But there are principles you can follow to help you make better decisions in your business. 


Let me show you

There are three ways to work with me depending on where you are at in your business and your budget. Choose one!


Being an online entrepreneur can be lonely and overwhelming. YOu don't have to take this journey alone. 

Join the Legacy Driven Entrepreneur Community!

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You know what to do but you are struggling to implement or are overcomplicating it. I get it.

Let's talk. For Free.

For the New Entrepreneur still getting their Business bearings, check out these courses!

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Not sure yet?


Just join me for now in my incredible Community for emerging female coaches and entrepreneurs and let's get to know each other!

It's free to join!

(And I have lots of goodies and giveaways planned for 2017! GET IN THERE!!)

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