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Mark Your X

When you have a destination in mind, you use a map. If you don't know the way and don't use a map you could end up someplace you NEVER intended to be. 

It's the same in business and blogging. Without defining a strengths-based, evergreen niche at the beginning of the journey, you will meander around the listening to information and mis-information until you get lost in the wilderness of startups.

In my free, introductory 5 day course you will Mark Your X on the map to success. The X is where your industry, niche and personal strengths/passions overlap and where you will build your Business Basecamp.

Doing this early in your business journey dramatically increases your chances of success in the long run since you are less likely to switch gears or back track in the middle of your journey. 


Business Basecamp

Once you've Marked Your X on the map and decided where you'd like to set up camp, it's time to build your Business Basecamp. 

Like any Basecamp, this is where you can connect with others in the wilderness of startups, find supplies and the place where Entrepreneurial Expeditions are launched into uncharted territory. 

In online business terms, I think of a Business Basecamp as the foundation of my business which encompasses my Branding, Site Building and Business Methods. 

Each person's Basecamp will be unique to them based on the Business gear, systems and tools they choose for the journey.

In my signature free course, you'll find tutorials, videos, learn branding principles so you can DIY, learn about my favorite tool, Squarespace and get a brief introduction to my favorite online business methods for hitting income and impact goals.

Additionally, I open up my gear bag to show you all the tools I use to run my online business. 


Self-Study Workshops


 The Ideal Client Persona

You dabbled around in this during the Mark Your X course but you are ready to finally get super clear on your target market and your ideal client persona.

This workshop video is 45 minutes long and working through the workbook should take you about an hour. This is an hour and forty-five minutes well-spent since it will simplify and streamline EVERYTHING in your business from here on out. 

Own Your worth, Own Your Price

You've got your niche, your business products/services and you are crystal clear on your target market. It's time to nail down that pesky problem of pricing. 

When you get this workshop bundle, you'll get the workshop teaching, the 'easy equation' pricing worksheet, the worksheet demo, Upwork tips and tricks as well as scripts you can use to own your worth when clients are struggling to pay your prices.

Squarespace Platform Training

Originally created to help my design clients with the web-site hand off process, I've created a huge tutorial library for Squarespace which includes Squarespace hacks and work arounds. 

Thinking of switching to Squarespace? Check out how easy the back-end really is!



Map your content, Map Your Success

Reclaim your Summer and Winter Holidays!

You've built your Business Basecamp, and priced your products and services. It's time to get the word about it! 

This is a workshop that is open twice a year in the spring (March) and fall (September) to help you be consistent both in your frequency of visibility as well as in your branding/messaging. 

Pre-register for early bird pricing for the Live workshop and to be on the waitlist to be notified when this workshop is open next. 

Pssst. You can also purchase the materials and teachings without the live support, community, and 1:1 help to implement yourself and it's a little more affordable!


Passive Income Sales Funnels

Would you like to see the curtain pulled back on the nitty gritty details of my first truly passive income sale of my own products? 

I used no ads, and no affiliate links/marketing. Did I also mention that my computer was broken? 

In this mini-workshop, I show you exactly what systems and set up I used to create my passive income system AND I show you how to do it. 

Ready for some passive income?


Business Brand Camp

Ready for a re-brand that you want to do yourself but want just guidance on design principles, a support team and safe place to get feedback before you launch? Want to take your visuals to the next level out of Canva and into Adobe products?

You will come out of this 4-week mid-summer program with:

  • A cohesive brand (messaging and visuals)
  • A brand board to reference (colors, styles, textures and fonts)
  • A basic understanding and navigation of Adobe Illustrator
  • Digital Assets
  • The power to maintain your brand yourself and not wait on a designer

By starting on your re-brand during summer, you'll have a completely prepared new brand to launch the following year! 

Pre-register for early bird pricing and to be on the waitlist to be notified when this workshop is open next.