Meet Brittney

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I’m a branding & business strategist coach who helps emerging female coaches and online entrepreneurs who are authentic, driven and want to leave a legacy. I help them captivate and convert clients with personal brand that fits like a glove and actually feels like them, which allows them to make sales without feely sleazy and make an income and impact on THEIR terms.

My entrepreneurial journey started in Central America in 2015 while I was still working in full time missions work with my husband. I used my DIY skills to improve our non-profit online presence. Soon, I began coaching others on how to do the same.

From there, I launched a creative agency business and I’ve been leading workshops and providing personal coaching support online.

I love walking alongside women on this same journey as they identify how they can make an income online and live a life that leaves more than a money trail but an actual legacy!

Building a business that works (for you, your clients, and your life) is simpler than you think but it isn't easy.

However, it's so worth it.

I believe that with strength, courage, and wisdom, it is absolutely possible for you to launch your legacy today, right where you are.

I’m rooting for you. You can do this.




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