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3 months of 1:1 SUpport and Strategy

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Hey Lady, I'm Brittney


And I'm a branding & business strategist for women entrepreneurs.

I've successfully raised 2 business in the last 3 years, and I'm passionate about helping others do the same. 

Are you ready for long-term strategy, encouragement and support to bring your business to the next level?  


Imagine how you would feel if you...


Knew you were making a deep impact in someone's life

Were totally unapologetic about your mission and your desires

Kept your needs and purpose at the forefront of everything you did

Were completely, 100% wildly in love with your business

Felt confident every single day in your competence as a business owner

Had a plan for what you need to do everyday in order to move you, and your business, forward


A personal roadmap for your business is essential, but you also need consistent support as you implement your plan!

It’s one thing to know the right actions to take, but you also need support in the day to day ups and downs of being an entrepreneur. As your mentor, I can help you get results more quickly as I walk alongside you on the inside of your business, giving you personalized strategy, accountability and support along the way.

I’m here to help you tweak your strategy as you go, keep your business aligned with what feels good to you, keep you filled with hope on those hard days, and keep you rooted in your “why” as you work to make an impact and create freedom and flexibility in your life!


I’m here to give you mindset support, and accountability as you take action on your strategy without the overwhelm so that you can create the income and business you want!


I work with women who want more for themselves

...and others.


I work with visionary women who's dreams are bigger than themselves and quite honestly, their dreams scare the pants off of them.

I work with hardworking women who will stop at nothing to live a life on her own terms.  

I work with driven women who want to provide for their families significantly and give to the causes they care about in big, crazy ways.

 I work with women who are generous, heart-centered, but also are unapologetic about what they do and who they serve.



Nearly a year ago I decided to go "all in" on my business.  And I have a feeling that's where you are.  I was tired of making just enough income every month to cover my busiess expenses and a little spending cash.

 And if I'm being completely honest, sometimes I wasn't able to cover my expenses and I had to float my business.  

But I had a bandwidth problem.  I physically could not work more hours.  I didn't want to work more hours because that meant time would be taken away from the things and people that I love.  And maybe that's where you are now too.   

You want more, but aren't exactly sure HOW to achieve more.  Sound familiar?


During our Time together we’ll cover:


  • Picking A Lane and Staying In It (See Know Your Niche) with revision and realignment as needed

  • Your Personal Daily Schedule - Personal & Business Habits for Success

  • A 3 month content & visibility plan to deliver consistent value to your audience

  • Practicing sales in a way that feels good and natural to you

  • Heart-Posture, and Mindset work so you can show up unapologetically

  • Addressing limiting mindsets and fears that are holding you back from raising your prices

  • Post-Coaching strategy and plan for success


My Signature Coaching Program includes:


3 months of one-on-one sessions with me, (3 per month)

(9) 45-minute one-on-one sessions (total)

Email and Voxer access in between sessions whenever you need extra support

Additional material and resources as needed


Bonus Materials:

“Map Your Content” 3 week self-paced course to help you show up consistently with value for your audience ($297 Value)

"Know Your Niche" a focus session to nail down with confidence your niche, ideal client and target market ($197 Value)

“Passive Income Sales Funnels” case study to help you understand how simple it is to implement passive income strategies ($17)

"Own Your Worth, Own Your Price" pricing workshop with guest Stephanie Danforth ($47)




$4,997 (paid in full) or

3 monthly payments of $1800 ($5400)


My clients get results.  


And the reason why they get results is because I approach coaching from a very collaborative experience.

 Cookie cutter business strategies don't work.  This isn’t MLM. During our time together, we will walk side by side in your business.  I'm in your business as much as you'll allow me.  Through weekly accountability, and a serious dose of focus and clarity, we will move your business forward.  


Going into the call I didn’t know what to expect! I just knew I didn’t want to waste time. Brittney was so approachable, personable and kind but clear-minded and clever. I got clear on my course material and I am so impressed that she was able to change my mind about my approach with the course!  I'm going to break my course into two tracks and run them asynchronously to A/B test them. Seriously, hardly anyone changes my mind! I’d recommend her to anyone who is trying to figure out their niche.  She is a gentle but firm guide! I just want to say a giant THANK YOU!  What a lovely, effective gift.

Janette Girod


 After meeting with you I was able to limit/reduce my service offerings and include writing with my virtual assistant (VA) services (something other VAs may not be offering). And also to extricate myself from "information quicksand" and just DO. Somethings will have to be learned on the "job" and will be trial and error. You were very encouraging about the fact that ALL experiences are valid experiences that I can use and offer even if they were only in the world of Academia.

Also, our discussion about specifics, i.e. the number of clients and level of "packages"/service offered to them in order to make my income goals, was very helpful. The experience was informative and thought-provoking. I would recommend you!  I think those who need to clarify their (evergreen) niches and create a more specific plan, one that keeps their personality and strengths in mind, for setting their business and business goals in motion would really benefit from your services. 

Using the personality and strengths testing is a wonderful idea to help you understand WHY you are the way you are and the choices you've made. You were the first person who took that approach to finding your niche and it was a great help to me!  You are very easy to talk to especially since, as an INTP, meeting new people can be stressful for me!  


Sumayyah S Abdullah

Virtual Assistant & Freelance Writer

Kristina Knordendahl -

I really enjoyed working with Brittney. She has great ideas, she listens and has a good sense of what to do. Brittney is helpful, kind and easy to work with. Plus she is professional, insightful and has useful information to give.

Kristina Knordendhal


We would recommend Brittney to anyone needing clarity on their brand or with their businesses. We enjoyed her honesty and the choice of questions she chose to ask, which was more in depth.  She listens but also constructs and is able to remain objective whilst holding her client's heart at the centre of all that she does. 

Nikkita & Linu

Generate Generations
Audra Coats-Hudson -

After working with Brittney, it turned out that I actually already knew my niche, but needed to get clear on my messaging. I also got some great ideas for opt-in offers and freebies that I can use for people. I then made some changes to my Facebook group strategy and launched it shortly after meeting with her!

I loved that she understood exactly where I was coming from. One of the most helpful questions she asked me was in regard to a client that didn’t move forward with me. She asked, “Was that person maybe just not your idea client?” That helped me to put things into perspective when I was feeling like I needed to change the copy on my site.

I would recommend Brittney to other entrepreneurs that I know! She’s very intuitive, and clearly has a heart to help people. She knows her stuff!!!

Audra Coats-Hudson

She Who Thirsts


I didn't really know Brittney or know anyone that has worked with her and I usually get my recommendations that way but after meeting with her, I was able to refine my audience and my offering! She had some great, pointed questions. I would recommend her to my friends who may be just starting out with their businesses. She’s great!

Hilary Foreman

HilaryForemanCircle.jpg -

For anyone thinking about working with Brittney, you should know I enjoyed that she was very professional and even though she doesn’t normally work with clients in my field, she was able to be very knowledgeable and apply what she knew to my business. After working with her, I walked away with an actionable opt-in plan to lead people to my site and funnel. She is very sincere and committed to helping people by making herself available to share her knowledge. I even invited a couple of fellow business owners to join in her Map Your Content Workshop because I felt it was just what they were looking for!

Catherine Calmes


Brittney is very approachable and breaks down steps into understandable action steps. I felt like I could easily ask her to further clarify as needed. I feel she would be an amazing asset for anyone needing technical guidance and support to implement pieces of their business that are many times overwhelming to those of us who are not technical, and due to that, we put them off and don’t ever implement. I felt that she went above and beyond what I had expected. She is really good at what she does, she has a very thorough understanding of what is necessary to implement technical pieces, she is a great teacher, and really cares about the success of those she is working with.

Tiffany Pietrzak -



you know you are tired of settling. if you want your business to literally change your life and the lives of your clients, if you want to stop being frustrated, over-worked, and direction-less, then you need to make a change, and you need to make a change now.

your business is way too important to the world for you not to.  

Your business is meant to impact your community, your family, and most importantly, YOU! Your business is not meant to be a paint-point, a stressor, or a burden, it's meant to set you free!  If you are unapologetic about wanting the best and wanting to do it all, then lady, you are speaking my language!

It's time to step into that business and life of your dreams, and make that "someday" today. Are you ready to step into the role of a CEO and be a #legacylady?


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