The Top 5 Essential AND EVERGREEN Lead Magnets

It's not a secret that growing an email list audience in addition to your other social media platforms is essential to building a business that allows you to leverage passive income. You need two things to grow that email list: a CRM (Client Relationship Management) tool like MailChimp or ConvertKit and a lead magnet for people to "opt-in" to receive.

I have a list of 30 lead magnets if you need help with ideas but lead magnets boil down to 5 basic formats. 

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Find Your Business Balance As An Entrepreneur

I remember when I was first inspired to be an entrepreneur. You might be able to relate.

I had just chosen my Evergreen Niche. I couldn’t turn my brain off. I had so many ideas. It was hard to narrow them all down. It was hard to decide where to start. I was still working full time, so any spare minute went to working on this new side hustle. 

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How To Write A Strengths-Based About Page

Here’s fun fact about me. I’m obsessed with personality profile assessment tools.

Carl Jung

Those are just a handful of the more popular organizational assessment tools that startups and companies use to place people where they would best fit the vision and mission of the company. 

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