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How To Plan A Styled Brand Shoot

One of the most powerful ways to build your brand is to be in your own photos! When you choose to stop being a business and become a BRAND, that is when perceived expertise shows up on your doorstep and people become curious about what makes your services different. They will stick around to see what you have to offer.

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One Question (Answered Honestly) That Will Change Your Business

I have a list of questions that I run through in my daily morning practice. I sit with them for about 15 minutes each morning and really give myself to my morning practice.

One of the questions I ask myself is really important. It helps me stay productive without pushing myself into an over-caffeinated GRIND MODE that ultimately leads to burnout.

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4 Ways You Are Confusing Clients

Confusion does not spark curiosity in a client. And that’s a problem.

You have the responsibility of pursuing your clients and clearly inviting them into your business to help achieve success in their story.

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7 Ways To Spring Clean Your Brand

Sometimes there are things that are just no longer serving us in our brand and business. They had a purpose and now they are not helping to move us toward our goals. It's time to thank those pieces of our brand and business that got us to this point and then let them go as we grow into the next phase of our business.

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How To Fix Your Broken Brand Message In 60 Seconds

If you aren’t captivating and converting clients, most likely it has to do with your brand message, and not your other brand elements.

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9 Questions To Evaluate If You Are Actually Making Progress Toward Your Goals
How Do I Get My Dream Clients To Find Me
6 Ways To Captivate with Consistency
Strengths Based Branding
Why “She” Is Captivating and Converting Clients and You Are Not
An Online Business is the Solution to Millennial Debt. Here’s Why.

You have student debt (it’s part of life), credit card debt (but it was on sale), want to escape your job to travel the world (Thailand, please) and retirement (who cares about retirement?). You are twenty-three. You’ve got plenty of time to figure that out. Right?

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5 Things I Would Have Done Differently My First Full Time Year In Online Business
5 CEO Shifts For A Brand That Captivates and Converts
To Begin, Begin: My Story
3 Mindset Mistakes In My First Three Years of Business
How to Leverage Your Time & Avoid Burnout

How to Leverage Your Time & Avoid Burnout

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4 Essential Things I Do Every Time I Book A Client

These 4 simple steps are what I consider to be most essential and these steps are almost ALL automated thanks to Honeybook. The automations have transformed my business and client experience as well as their results.

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How To Raise Your Prices (And Respond To Objections)

Raising your prices can be a tricky thing in business and frankly an uncomfortable experience for a lot of folks. The first time you raise your prices, the primary thing that comes up is imposter syndrome.

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10 Pieces of Quality Advice for the New Entrepreneur

1. Know what you want

Don't know? Hey, what do you know? I have just the thing to shamelessly plug here to help you do that! Don't worry it's free. It's actually something I wish that I could have had to help figure out what I want. If you know what you want. You are way ahead of the game. If not, take this Free 5 Day Course.

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3 Ways To Use ConvertKit Tags To Make Marketing Easier (and More Effective)

One SUPER easy way to track what your audience is interested in most is with TAGS in Seva. With ConvertKit's automation features, this is super simple to set up and once it is, your marketing efforts in the future will be much more effective. 

There are a couple things to consider tagging once someone for. 

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