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Your Content Calendar Just Ain't Cutting It. Here’s Why.

Let’s just get right to it. Your content calendar isn’t working for you. It’s just...not. More than likely, one of these four reasons is the culprit.

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5 Reasons Squarespace Is A Better Platform To Start A Business On

When choosing a platform to build your online business presence, you need to choose a platform that will work with you and not against you, one that will grow with you and not put limitations on you.

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10 Pieces of Quality Advice for the Young Entrepreneur
My Top 2 MOST Engaged Nurture Sequence Emails (Broken Down and Explained)

Okay guys, here it is. Big secrets.

I am telling you about my top two most interactive emails in my coaching nurture sequence.

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5 Ways A Coach Can TRANSFORM Your Business

If you’ve been wondering if 1:1 support is what you need to get unstuck, to get results faster with less stress and with a personalized roadmap, here are 5 things to help you decide if working with a coach is right for you.

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The Top 5 Essential AND EVERGREEN Lead Magnets

It's not a secret that growing an email list audience in addition to your other social media platforms is essential to building a business that allows you to leverage passive income. You need two things to grow that email list: a CRM (Client Relationship Management) tool like MailChimp or ConvertKit and a lead magnet for people to "opt-in" to receive.

I have a list of 30 lead magnets if you need help with ideas but lead magnets boil down to 5 basic formats. 

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30 Goals By 30

30 Business(ish) goals by 30

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How To Create an Image Of Your PDF That Gets People To Opt-In

How to create an image of your PDF that gets people to opt-in

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Lead Magnets and List Building

More important than even growing a social media platform because, (here's a secret) you don't "own" those followers like you do the email addresses of those who opt-in to your lead magnet and end up on your email list. If you are anything like I was and are feeling a little overwhelmed at the thought of list building— you may have a few really important questions about where to start, what to create for your lead magnet offer, and what to do after someone signs up. Get answers here <3

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Get My Gear List

Want to know what I used to build my business? Get My Gear List

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Automate Your Content Upgrade Delivery With ConvertKit

For those of you new to online entrepreneurship, you may have heard of a content upgrade but you may not know what it really is and how powerful it can be if you are intentional about it.

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Your Content Calendar Just Ain't Cutting It. Here’s 4 Reasons Why.

Let’s just get right to it. Your content calendar isn’t working for you. It’s just...not. More than likely, one of these four reasons is the culprit.

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My Google Drive Content System and A Hidden Spreadsheet Trick

I love Google Drive for my content calendar system.

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How To Optimize Your Content System For a Virtual Assistant

The next obstacle once you have the content created and organized on a calendar is implementing and you have three options: using a software tool, using a VA or using a VA who uses the software tool.

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Own Your Worth, Own Your Price

“I just don’t know if people would pay ME this price for doing this kind of thing”.

This is something I hear from my clients and other freelancers all the time. ALL. THE. TIME.

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Find Your Business Balance As An Entrepreneur

I remember when I was first inspired to be an entrepreneur. You might be able to relate.

I had just chosen my Evergreen Niche. I couldn’t turn my brain off. I had so many ideas. It was hard to narrow them all down. It was hard to decide where to start. I was still working full time, so any spare minute went to working on this new side hustle. 

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How To Write A Strengths-Based About Page

Here’s fun fact about me. I’m obsessed with personality profile assessment tools.

Carl Jung

Those are just a handful of the more popular organizational assessment tools that startups and companies use to place people where they would best fit the vision and mission of the company. 

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How To Overcome The Quarter Life Crisis

First of all, are you having a quarter-life crisis?

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I Made The Leap From Wordpress to Squarespace

Wordpress is home to millions of users. They claim to welcome 50,000 new sites everyday. EVERYDAY. 

Those are pretty impressive numbers. They impressed me and I built (er, tried to) build a website on the platform. I learned and researched and built and struggled and tore it down to rebuild a-fresh only to grow frustrated that the options I was looking for were always just out of reach. 

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